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We here at Power Dirt Bikes offer many different cheap UTV's and Side by sides utility vehicles. We offer gas and electric UTV's with many different options of sport and workhorse vehicles and our inventory keeps growing. We have the best price anywhere. All of our UTV's are comparable to RZR and Can-Am for a lot cheaper without sacrificing durability and quality. Why pay for a brand name when you can get the same quality and performance for half the cost? We carry top Chinese brands such as Hisun, BMS, Coleman, Odes and more. We offer kids, teenager and adult UTV's in various colors and sizes such as 150cc, 175cc, 200cc, 250cc, 400cc, 600cc, 800cc, 1000cc UTV. We now offer the new BMS Motorsports Sniper T350 UTV Side by Side at the lowest price.

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Now you can buy a UTV online for cheap!

Lowest Price Free Shipping. The difference between an ATV and a UTV:

UTVs differ from all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) in that UTVs typically have a side-by-side seating arrangement; many have seat belts and roll-over protection, and most have a cargo box at the rear of the vehicle. UTVs generally have a higher payload capability and are longer and wider than ATVs. While most ATVs can carry 125 to 200 lbs. of cargo in addition to the operator's weight, UTV payloads run from 800 to 1350 lbs. above the operator/passenger's weight. The payload on a UTV is usually carried below the top of the tires - as opposed to an ATV, which carries its load above the fenders. This lower load-positioning can drastically lower the vertical center of gravity, which increases stability. UTVs come in a number of different configurations. Some have four tires on the ground, some have six or more. How these differences affect the operation of the UTVs can be confusing. Most of the functions required of these units within wildfire-suppression operations have at least two aspects in common: the machines need to work off-road and to carry equipment. Working off-road requires the unit to maneuver around obstacles and over rough terrain. Carrying equipment requires the strength to haul a load and the ability to stay on top of softer ground.


While an ATV and a UTV will share many similarities, they are distinctly different vehicles intended for very different uses. An ATV, or all-terrain vehicle, is an off-road, single-rider vehicle intended for use as a recreational vehicle, racer, or transport over rough terrain. A UTV, or utility task vehicle, is also intended for use over rough terrain, though this vehicle is sometimes known as a side-by-side because two people can sit in the cab next to each other. Both can be used to haul items, but a UTV features a truck-like bed specifically for this purpose.

Both vehicles typically feature a combustion engine — some models do feature electric engines instead, but these are intended for light duty use only — and both feature significant suspension and aggressive tires. They also generally feature a low center of gravity for added stability over rough terrain. The differences between an ATV and a UTV become clear with a simple glance at the rider positions: an ATV rider will straddle the vehicle on a saddle, while UTV riders can sit on side by side on bench seats or bucket seats.


The steering differs between the two as well. On an ATV, a rider will steer using a handlebar system, while UTV drivers will steer using a steering wheel similar to that in a car or truck. The configuration of a UTV allows for more passengers to ride along, which is useful in maintenance settings or construction sites. People and materials can both be hauled easily, making UTVs are popular among golf course maintenance personnel, parks and recreation departments, and any other users who need to travel over uneven terrain with people and materials.

Both types of vehicles can be designed to be street-legal, though UTVs are more likely to come from the factory with accessories or features that will make them street legal with little or no modifications necessary. In some regions, all ATVs are illegal on roadways, though UTVs may be allowed.

Accessories that are often used on ATVs can also be used on UTVs. A winch, for example, is a useful addition to either, as are storage bins and racks. UTVs tend to come stock with roll cages, and some even feature windshields; ATVs will usually not have such features.

We offer the best deals on a high quality affordable gas UTVS for sale cheap. Get ready to hit the trails with your new cheap UTV. Side By Sides are the perfect power sport vehicle with giving you complete control and stability with 4 wheels under you.

Our top brand Chinese UTVS are the perfect power sports vehicle, not only are you able to have a passenger or three but you also have four wheels under you to have you stability and control. All of our Side By Sides have a full high-performance suspension to be able to handle the roughest terrain, sand and mud. Take advantage of our low prices on all of our Go Karts on sale.

Have off-road fun for a lot less with these cheap UTVS from Power Dirt Bikes. Why spend more for your off-road utility vehicle when we have the best quality high performance Side X Sides for sale at the lowest prices.

Choose from nearly two dozen different styles and colors of gas powered cheap UTVS in 2 seat and even 4 seaters available. Adults and kids alike can strap in and have a great time driving around in our cheap UTV's. We carry Top quality UTVSfrom manufactures like TaoTao USA, Kandi, Cougar, Roketa and many more. We also carry Chinese UTV parts and more.


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