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We always carry a large selection of pit bikes for sale in stock. All of our durable pit bikes are fun for any age, what is a pit bike? Often referred to as a mini dirt bike, they are a dirt bike but with smaller tires. We sell many different brands of quality pit bikes such as Apollo Pit Bikes, SSR Pit Bikes, Coolster Pit Bikes, Pitster Pro Pit Bikes, Tao Tao Pit Bikes, Thumpstar Pit Bikes, Sikk Pit Bikes and more. Power Dirt Bikes has the best deals for all of your premium pit bike needs.

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Difference between a pit bike and a dirt bike?

The original Pit Bike were simply small motorcycles with a 4-stroke, 50cc motor used by adult-sized motocross riders to navigate the pits (an off-track area designated for setting up prior to an event). Pit bikes evolved to look more and more like mini versions of the factory MX motorcycles. Because racers like to race just about anything with a motor, it got to where the “big boys” started racing each other on these pint-sized pit bikes on small impromptu tracks.

Of course, some guys got busy hopping them up with stuff like aluminum pit bike frames, tall seats, etc, but retaining the over-achieving motors (usually punched out to 110cc), the 10"/12" rear wheels, and the tossable proportions that make a pit bike such frickin’ fun. Because a track for these bikes doesn’t require a lot of land, backyard pit bike tracks have sprung up all across America.

Pit bikes now have a full race series with numerous classes (even one for young ladies), five AMA National #1 plates up for grabs, and an exciting Arena Cross Pro & Amateur Series.

What is a Pit Bike?

pit bikes for sale

Small dirt bikes sometimes referred to as pit bikes that participants in off-road sporting events use to ride around the pits, which are the staging areas where team support vehicles are located. More recently, they have been used in races held on either supercross or motocross tracks. Numerous performance and aesthetic upgrades are often applied to pit bikes. Originally, there was only one way to acquire a pit bike. A rider would buy a child's minibike, usually a Honda CRF 50 or Kawasaki KLX110, and apply all the necessary upgrades and modifications to build a competitive pit bike. Of course, a rider could also buy a used bike.


Since 2004, manufacturers like Pitster Pro and Thumpstar pit bikes have begun designing, manufacturing, importing, and selling already complete pit bikes. These bikes are less expensive, and require less time to complete. Pit bikes are powered by 4-stroke, horizontal, single-cylinder engines ranging anywhere in displacement from 49 cc to 195 cc. A typical pit bike is usually a small dirt bike, but it has become common to be able to buy pit bikes with street-style wheels and tires. Pit bikes with street tires, as opposed to knobby tires, are used in Mini Supermoto Racing. Pit bikes are frequently heavily customized with decorative add-ons and performance-enhancing parts. This is a notable difference from Motocross and Supercross competition, where classes are separated by engine displacement. Pit bike racing is a relatively new niche of motocross, and as such, there is no official governing body similar to the AMA.

The name SSR 125 pit bike originated from the use of a Honda Z50 to ride around the pit areas of dirt bike races and race events across the United States. The low cost and the mobility of these bikes made them easy to use at racing events. Popular mini dirt bike movies like the Crusty Demons of Dirt 3 show how these small motorcycles can be used to do things other than just riding back and forth in the pits. A part of this movie shows people taking huge bicycle jumps on a Z50 in someone’s back yard. This movie and movies like it made people realize what these little bikes were capable of. It did not take long for the pit bike trend to catch on.

In 2002 Kawasaki came out with the KLX110. This pit bike, as with Honda’s XR50, was designed for smaller riders. The 110 is faster and larger than an XR50, so it needs fewer modifications to make it comfortable for bigger riders. Pit bike riders realized this and started moving to the KLX110.

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