Reviews Of The Best Chinese Off-Brand Dirt Bikes of 2019

We offer the best quality Chinese dirt bikes available. Just because you are trying to save money on a new dirt bike does not always mean that you have to sacrifice quality and performance. Today's Chinese dirt bikes are built close to the same quality as the biggest names in Japanese racing dirt bikes. We have put together a list of the top 125cc full size manual dirt bikes on the market and give your our recommended choice based on quality, performance, looks and price. All of these 125cc dirt bikes have a 17" front tire and a 14" rear tire with a manual transmission which mean you will have to manually shift it using a clutch.

The Apollo DB-X18 RFZ Racing Series 125cc full size dirt  bike is our #1 one pick for many reasons, not only does it have proven reliability. We have sold thousands of this model and had very few reliability issues or complaints. The Apollo X18 has a top speed of 55-60mph and comes in many colors red, black, blue, green, yellow. This is an easy to assemble dirt bike with an assembly time of about an hour. All parts are readily available so it makes this a great choice for any rider.

The Coolster M125 is new for 2018 and the most economical choice of the 125cc full size dirt bikes. The Coolster M125 has a top speed of about 55mph a good suspension and available in the colors red, black, blue or orange. Coolster is one of the biggest sellers of Chinese dirt bikes in the United States.

The Tao Tao DB17 125cc dirt bike has been out for several years now, it rates as being one our top picks due to the fact that it has proven durability and performance at a budget price. It has a top speed of about 55mph and a quality suspension. It has some assembly just over an hour.

The BMS Motors Pro X 125 dirt bike is new for 2018. This is BMS's first year for producing dirt bikes. The price is a little higher than some of the other models but it has a modern motocross design, high performance suspension and high output 125cc motor.

The Xmoto 125cc dirt bike is our last pick not because it isn't a great dirt bike but because the price is a little higher than the other bikes in its class and parts are not always readily available

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