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Perfect for the beginner, the 70cc kids gas dirt bike, The Apollo 70cc dirt bike has the perfect size and the perfect amount of power for a wide range of youth riders.

The 70cc engine, upgraded suspension and smooth-shifting semi-automatic transmission help build confidence and skill on the trail. While the low weight and seat height make it both easy to handle and fun to ride. And then there’s the legendary Apollo/Orion reliability — the Apollo 70cc is virtually trouble free, so your outdoor adventures go uninterrupted.


Apollo Orion 70Cc gas Pit  Bike - Dirt Bike. 70cc engine, upgraded suspension and smooth shifting semi-automatic transmission

Apollo continues to be the best Pit Bike / Dirt Bike brand in this industry class.

The quality and performance is hard to beat! Apollo bikes have upgraded features on all bikes like suspension, motors, bigger exhausts, and all the important quality & performance that makes this a great bike.

70cc Dirt Bike

For those in the know, if you’re looking for a fast, fun and exhilarating way to entertain your teens and pre-teens, there’s hardly a better option than a dirt bike. But for those of us who’ve only seen their speed and, dare I say, scariness on display during the X Games and other such high-flying events, there’s a lot to understand.


First of all, there are a variety of different kinds of youth dirt bikes with a handful of different speeds, stylings and safety features. For example, the 70cc, gas-powered dirt bikes – of which we’ll be reviewing later on – are a few miles-per-hour faster than their 50cc, gas-powered siblings — and quite a bit slower than those seen used in professional events – which puts them in an ideal range for younger riders who want to go fast but require the time, practice and patience to get the hang of things first.


Dirt Bike 70cc

How fast is a 70cc dirt bike, exactly? Well, that depends on a lot of different factors – body type, engine type, components, size, shape, etc. Suffice it to say though, they typically max out between 35 and just under 50 miles per hour – though slower models are available, 


What sets them apart as well is whether they offer an automatic or a semi-automatic gearbox. As the name suggests, automatics do all the gear shifting while semi-automatics require a little extra effort to get things up to speed.


Another popular option for dirt bike buying is to go all-electric. The problem here though is that, while electric dirt bikes are much easier to maintain, and much quieter, they hardly offer the same, professional-style experience than their gas powered compadres. They don’t growl. They hardly rev. They don’t last as long. And they’re often slower.


Not only that, but without oil or gas or anything else found in non-electric engines, there aren’t as many opportunities to teach your young ones about maintenance, upkeep and the realities of true responsibility. (Something that will pay dividends when they own their own car.)


70cc Dirt Bike For Sale

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics involving dirt bikes, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and see which 70cc dirt bikes for sale are worth their weight in gas and gold.


Apollo 70cc Dirt Bike (Our Pick)

Touted as the “King of Pit-Bikes,” the Apollo 70cc Dirt Bike boasts a clutch-less, 70cc engine with 5.3 horsepower that, thanks to an easy kick-start, makes for a fun-filled, off-road ready ride for both first-time drivers and seasoned trailblazers.


Safety specifications include no-dent polypropylene protection for the fenders and the body, strong steel rims with alloy hubs, dual front shocks, a rear coil-over shock for easy maneuvering and drum brakes on both the rear and front side of the bike. Option training wheels


Its rugged construction, centered by its innovative steel frame, and compact size make it great for young riders and able to withstand both the tests of time and those of riding, through the dirt, mud and uneven terrain.


Holds .97 gallons of gas. Maxes out at around 45 MPH. Comes somewhat pre-assembled – just add the handlebars. Great for 8 to 11 year olds.


The Thumpstar 70cc Pit Bike

70cc dirt bike - Thumpstar 70cc Pit Bike

What with its array of available features and reliable four-stroke, single-cylinder 72cc engine, capable of up to nearly 40 miles per hour, there’s really no better place to start than with the Thumpstar 70cc dirt bike as it offers many of the same specifications as the other dirt bikes on this list, and all at a similar yet reasonable price.


Its solid steel frame, front and rear disc brakes, oversized mono rear shock and hydraulic front fork suspension system amounts to a smooth and sturdy ride for the not-so-experienced – over 12 years old – and long-time rough riders.


A kick start and semi-automatic gearbox with manual foot shifter means it’s easy to start and simple – but not too simple – to use. Great long term investment, as it’s easy to maintain and easy to repair. Not for sale in the state of California.


The Coolster 70cc Dirt Bike

Topping out at just under 35 miles per hour, the Coolster 70cc isn’t the fastest bike on this list, but with an air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine, it more than makes up for it in overall power and acceleration.


And, no worries, for those on edge about revving up a little too quickly or getting out of control, there’s no need to worry as it comes with an array of different safety features, including large disc brakes for easy slowdowns and quick stops, dual inverted hydraulic front and strong rear shock suspensions for smoother riding and larger tires for improved handling.


It starts with a kick and runs on a clutch-less, semi-automatic gearbox for easy shifting and there’s a convenient kill switch right at your fingertips just in case your young one gets into some serious trouble – or just needs an easy way to shut it off. The engine is also built based on Honda technology for heightened performance. For road-ready riders up to 120 pounds. Not for sale in the state of California.

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