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Street Legal 50cc Scooter Mopeds

We offer a large selection of street legal 50cc scooter street legal mopeds. Our 50cc gas scooter mopeds are dependable have great gas mileage and are easy to park maintain and ride. We always offer the best selection and lowest price for 50cc scooters.

Some states do not require you to have a license to ride these on the streets.

Power Dirt Bikes offers many different models, styles and colors of 49cc, 50cc, 150cc and 250cc cheap gas powered scooters, trikes and motorcycles for adults. Some of our models even have radios and MP3 players. We continue to broaden our inventory so keep checking back to see if we have what you are looking for.

Moped are a cheap form of transportation and a great way for you to save money on gas, maintenance and overall costs while offering the versatility of being able to maneuver and park virtually anywhere. Unlike other companies we only offer you the top brand china models to insure we deliver the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Can’t decide  which model is right for you? Simply call us or head over to our contact page and let us know how we can help! We are based in the United States and customer support and satisfaction is our top priority.

One of the ways Power Dirt Bikes saves you money is by delivering your moped,  gas scooter, dirt bikes or ATV directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse directly to you. For those who are willing to do some minor assembly (or hire a mechanic to do it for them), buying a moped scooter online is the perfect solution for cheap moped scooters. Why drive all over town and pay hundreds of dollars more for the same scooter from a physical dealer or for a used one, when you can have it delivered to your door?

Not only is riding a scooter can be a lot of fun. They're also an inexpensive way to get to school, work or anywhere else you need to go. Gas moped scooters are inexpensive to operate and maintain. A few dollars in gas can keep a scooter running for an entire week.  Some states do not require you to have a driver’s license and/or insurance to operate a moped scooter so check your local laws because this could suit you.

Moped Scooters are easy to learn how to ride and can be parked almost anywhere. With the price of gas always unpredictable, cheap gas moped scooters are the perfect transportation alternative. The only problem is deciding which one to buy. While there are many high-priced mopeds and gas scooters on the market most people get by just fine with high quality, cheap mopeds, scooters and motorcycles


Power Dirt Bikes always has the best selection of gas mopeds and scooters with the best support.

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