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We here at Power Dirt Bikes offer 125cc and 150cc dirt bikes and pit bikes that are great for beginners or advanced riders. The performance and size is hard to beat at this price. We even offer a special pink edition girls dirt bike. We only sell high quality and performance dirt bikes at the lowest price. Now you can buy a dirt bike online for cheap. Home of the Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike

What is a dirt bike?
A lightweight motorcycle designed for use on rough surfaces, such as dirt roads or trails. Also called trail bike.

125cc Dirt Bike: Which One Should You Choose?

Beginners beware. These 125cc dirt bike reviews are not for you. If you have a young one with little-to-no experience riding dirt bikes of any kind, proceed with caution. (Or see our review of 70cc bikes or 50cc Dirt Bikes instead.)


If, however, you’re the proud parent of an experienced speed demon, someone who’s shown that they’re responsible on a high-powered, motorized vehicle – preferably a teenager – or if you’re a young adult looking to kick up some dirt and give it a whirl, you’re in the right place.


Dirt bikes alone are a great stepping stone between the early wind-whipping thrills of bike riding and the eventual excitement of driving a car, but when you’re talking 125ccs of pure, adrenaline-pumping power, you’re talking the best of both worlds.125cc Dirt Bike 6


Capable of topping out at nearly 65 miles per hour, these bikes offer the ability for somewhat experienced amateurs and well-seasoned riders to drive like the pros across dirt, through mud or even attack asphalt on the wide open road.

The Best 125cc Dirt Bike Reviews

Gas-powered. Check. 125ccs. Check. Now that you know what you want, it’s time to get down to specifics and take a good long look at the 125cc dirt bikes for sale and see how they stack up.


The Apollo Dirt Bike 125cc (Our Pick)

For anyone worried about being too big for dirt bikes, the Apollo Dirt Bike 125cc is just the size you’ll need, as it comfortably accommodates 5’8 females and six-foot males. And, with a maximum speed of just under 56 miles per hour, powered by 8.2 horses thanks to its four-stroke, single-cylinder engine, you know you’ll be more than satisfied with its power and speed – though, if you’re too big or too tall, that number next to the miles per hour will likely shrink a little bit.

Comes in black and white, has a manual clutch – so, again, it’s not for early riders – and starts with a simple kick.

Safety features are standard, front and rear disc brakes, controlled by the hand and the foot respectively, and comes with a rather hefty 3.5 liter tank. This cool 125cc dirt bike is for riders under 220 pounds. Some assembly is required.


The SSR Motorsports SR125 Pit Bike Review

Built around a solid steel back bone, the SSR Motorsport SR125 is a 4 stroke, single-cylinder speedster capable of maximum speeds of up to 55 miles per hour – depending on the weight and size of the rider.

A kick start means it’s easy to get going and a 4-up manual transmission, shifted by a foot clutch, means it isn’t exactly for the uninitiated – as shifting can be tricky for those who’ve never done it before. Though, for the less experienced, its front and rear disc brakes, 275mm shock rear and conventional hydraulic front suspension systems help smooth things out and allows you to stop, when required, if you should get into any sticky situations.

At a max 8.5 horsepower, capable of 7,500 rpms, this smart 125cc dirt bike has plenty of power. Contains a not-so-respectable 0.8 gallon tank – which, positively speaking, means there’s less weight for a faster rider. Comes available in a wide array of colors – including black, white, green, blue, red and orange. Comes (mostly) pre-assembled.


The Coolster 125cc Dirt Bike

With its sleek style and speedy design, the Coolster 125cc pit bike more than lives up to its name. In fact, its 4-stroke, air-cooled engine is an award winner. (Though a manual clutch means it’s only for those who’re mechanically inclined and know how to manually shift their way out of trouble.)

40 miles per hour maximum speed means it isn’t the fastest dirt bike available, but its reinforced fork tubing and stiffer-than-average heavy duty springs means it can take a beating, time and time again, and keep on spinning, across various terrain.


Safety specifications include a kick start for easing beginnings, front and rear disc brakes for easy stoppage and a custom, tail gripper seat which makes for a less than bumpy ride – if you’re into that kind of thing.


It can hold up to 200 pounds – though the lighter the driver the faster you’ll go – and, for the handy and the brave, its already impressive exhaust can be upgraded with a few twists of the screwdriver, a few turns of a good wrench and some base knowledge of mechanics. Comes (mostly) preassembled.

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